Friday, September 21, 2018  
21-Sep 7:30 AM Breakfast and Registration  

  Session I  
21-Sep 8:00 AM Introduction Jeffrey Lehrman, DPM
21-Sep 8:15 AM MACRA and MIPS: What Have We Learned? Scott Hughes, DPM
21-Sep 8:45 AM Surgical Treatment of Congenital Deformities in Pediatrics Lee Hlad, DPM
21-Sep 9:15 AM Update on Surgical Coding Scott Hughes, DPM
21-Sep 9:45 AM Break/Exhibits  

  Session II  
21-Sep 10:15 AM Ankle Fusion vs. Implant: When and Why? Patrick Burns, DPM
21-Sep 10:45 AM Revisional Ankle Reconstruction from Fracture Dominic Rizzo, DPM
21-Sep 11:15 AM Flatfoot Reconstruction in Pediatrics Lee Hlad, DPM
21-Sep 11:45 AM Case Studies: Fixing Complications Patrick Burns, DPM
Dominic Rizzo, DPM
Lee Hlad, DPM
21-Sep 12:10 PM Lunch/Exhibits  

  Session III  
21-Sep 1:00 PM Surgical Principles for Rearfoot Trauma Patrick Burns, DPM
21-Sep 1:30 PM Surgical Management of Forefoot Trauma Andrew Belis, DPM
21-Sep 2:00 PM Surgical Management of Lisfranc’s Injuries Zeeshan Husain, DPM
21-Sep 2:30 PM Total Ankle Replacement Fusion Alan Block, DPM
21-Sep 3:00 PM Break/Exhibits  

  Session IV
21-Sep 3:20 PM Refinement in Lapidus Surgery Alan Block, DPM
21-Sep 3:50 PM Muscle Flaps for Defect Coverage Dominic Rizzo, DPM
21-Sep 4:15 PM Workshop: Muscle Flaps and Static Fixator Technique Dominic Rizzo, DPM
21-Sep 6:00 PM Adjourn


  Saturday, September 22, 2018
22-Sep 7:30 AM Breakfast  

  Session V  
22-Sep 8:00 AM Digital Surgery Complications Zeeshan Husain, DPM
22-Sep 8:30 AM Using Implants in Digital Surgery Patrick Deheer, DPM
22-Sep 9:00 AM Complications with 1st Ray Surgery Ryan McMillen, DPM
22-Sep 9:30 AM Neuroma Surgery:  Advances and Complications Patrick Deheer, DPM
22-Sep 10:00 AM Break/Exhibits  

  Session VI  
22-Sep 10:15 AM New Techniques in Ankle Arthroscopy Ryan McMillen, DPM
22-Sep 10:45 AM Perfusion Assessment in Chronic Wounds Michael Maier, DPM
22-Sep 11:15 AM Tendon Transfers:  To Do or Not to Do? Andrew Belis, DPM
22-Sep 11:45 AM The Swollen Limb Michael Maier, DPM
22-Sep 12:15 PM Lunch/Exhibits  

  Session VII  
22-Sep 1:00 PM Surgical Medical/Legal Issues Ross Taubman, DPM
22-Sep 1:30 PM Update on Modifiers With a Focus on -25 Jeffrey Lehrman, DPM
22-Sep 2:00 PM Medical Administration Checklist for a Surgical Practice Ross Taubman, DPM
22-Sep 2:30 PM Panel Discussion Patrick Deheer, DPM
Ryan McMillen, DPM
Zeeshan Hussain, DPM
Ross Taubman, DPM
22-Sep 3:00 PM Break/Exhibits  

  Session VIII  
22-Sep 3:15 PM Neoplasms in the Lower Extremity Steven McClain, MD
22-Sep 3:45 PM Workshop:  Biopsy Techniques Steven McClain, MD
22-Sep 5:00 PM Adjourn  

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